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| by Editor | Posted in Betting Tips

Most people would agree that betting is fun! Consider the thrill of making football predictions and watching how the correct outcomes match your calculations.

If you’re looking to enjoy a betting experience better than what you currently enjoy, the first thing to do is register on the fastest growing sports betting platform in Nigeria. Click here to instantly open your BetKing account.

Choosing the right betting platform is essential and once you have done that, the tips provided below will follow to raising your status as a true sports prediction king.

Guessing should NOT become a habit – While it is agreed that several times in betting, you may need to either ‘go with your instincts’, ‘just do it’ or ‘just guess’ the result of a sporting event and it may work and you land that big winning, you also need to be intentional about the betting moves you make and what markets you’re putting your money in. Guessing is good, and you can earn much with it when you want but which would you prefer: to make money occasionally or to win consistently from your prediction bets?

Find useful statistics – This is the direct opposite of guessing. There are those who believe and say that statistics don’t matter when it comes to predictions. They believe that anything is bound to happen in the sports world and like the popular saying goes “This is football. Anything is possible!”

But you still need stats/numbers to help guide your decision and make sense of what has happened and what is most likely to happen given the numbers. Thankfully, on BetKing you can check head-to-head statistics for sports events by clicking the ‘graph’ icon on the left side of the event selection bar. This is not all you need but it’s a step toward ensuring that you make informed choices and get more out of your betting investments.

Understand the relations between markets – This is very key and one of the most important things you need to understand as a punter. Why? Because an understanding of this will ensure that you make more right moves over time and avoid losing money unnecessarily.

It is important to understand the available markets in whichever sport you decide to place your bet in. Understand the available markets and which market is an offshoot of the other. For example, in football, there’s a correlation between the over 2.5 goals market and the Both Teams to Score market, if the teams are high-scoring teams– both teams could score above 2 goals, or one team could go ballistic and score more goals in the game.

Finally, you can reference Booking Codes – Booking codes are pre-arranged sports events that you can place bets on. Depending on what you are looking for, these codes are designed as tips to ease the process of placing your bet. Some booking codes are low-risk games, some are high risk with a high pay-out and some are sure wins. BetKing assists with betting tips in form of booking codes to punters weekly.


Do you think there are more football betting tips that have helped you and could help other bettors make money? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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