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Sports betting can be a profitable activity if done right. Successful sports betting requires time, skill and smart decision-making. Another key attribute to succeeding in sports betting is discipline; it is of prime importance that you are always in control of yourself if you must stay afloat in this game of chance.

Here are top 7 reasons why most sports bettors lose money:

1. You Bet on Sport You Don’t Know Much About:

Ensure you choose a sport that you find interesting and understandable. You should be knowledgeable and up-to-date in the sport of your interest. It’s even better to bet on your passion, it could be basketball, horse racing, football or any other sport. Sometimes, it’s better to avoid the herd mentality. Only bet on what you know.

2. You’re Always Going for the Big Odds:

We all like big wins, don’t we? However, it is better to take calculated risks because of the higher the odds, the slimmer your chances of winning. Playing it safe can be the difference between succeeding in betting and losing all. Don’t always follow the “stake small, win big” mentality because you want to turn into a millionaire overnight. It is better to win little by little till you gather millions than not win at all. The fewer the selections, the better.

3. You Are Biased with Your Selections:

Treat betting the same way you would treat your investments especially when you are making your selections. Be rational with every event on your ticket and avoid emotional biases i.e. don’t bet with your heart rather research on the likely outcome for your selection regardless of your relationship with the team, player or sport. Remember that your favorite team will not always win, and your favorite player will not always perform well. Use statistics on the site as a guide if you are not sure.

4. Sticking to One Bet Market, Team or Sport:


If you are losing too much on a specific bet market, player or sport, maybe it’s time to explore other options. Your selections must not be based on one sport as there are many bet markets, teams and sports available on most bookmakers’ site. For example, you can choose 3 games from football, 2 from basketball, 1 from tennis and stake on it, as far as you’re sure that your choices are the best for each sport. Luckily you can get a wide range of markets on BetKing – some are even exclusive!

5. You Have No Betting Plan:

Before you indulge yourself in betting at all, you must have a plan of calculating your winnings against your losses. You set aside a goal of not staking more than you can afford to lose from your personal savings per a speculated period. For example, if what you can afford to lose per month is N1,000, do not exceed the limit in order to chase after losses.

6. You Stake on One Day Matches:

Winning is winning no matter when it comes through. All your predictions for one day are not likely to be right, so it is advisable to pick the best few for each day and let the ticket run for a period of time. It is not necessary that your selections start and end in one day.

7. You Are Not Sure of Cashing Out:

Knowing when to cash out is an important skill that every punter should learn. It is always hard to decide on cashing out especially when there is a good chance that all the games might come through, that’s why punters are advised to monitor their coupons in order to identify cash out opportunities and weigh the options. 

In conclusion, understanding betting strategies, odds, money management, timing, and discipline will help evolve your game to become a successful bettor. Remember to always bet responsibly.


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