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BetKing Excites Participants At The Next Titan Auditions

BetKing Excites Participants At The Next Titan Auditions

| by Tomiwa | Posted in Promotion

The Next Titans Auditions

Since Bravopoint announced that the auditions for the sixth season of The Next Titans reality show would begin 21st August 2019, many Nigerians had been looking forward to the dates.


So it came as no surprise that a large number of people thronged the venues of the auditions in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Lagos.


There probably had never been so many budding entrepreneurs ready to erupt with ideas in one sitting before.
For instance, some participants at the Lagos auditions were told to return the following day as everyone could not be auditioned on the same day. The auditions might have passed for a conference of security agents as there were so many suits and blazers on display.


Interestingly, you could spot street hawkers parading materials dubbed past questions to better prepare the candidates. Accreditations happened and the contestants were ushered into a hall where they engaged with sponsors, before proceeeding for their Auditions.


The auditions spurred a mix of emotions as some contestants, more prepared than others, got favorable responses from the judges as some of their peers left the audition hall teary  when the hope of winning N7m and a brand new car faded from their eyes.

The auditions further highlighted the importance of The Next Titan to the Nigerian economy and how the show ignites the entrepreneurial spirit of youths, and showcases the possibility of entrepreneurship in transforming lives and societies with ideas that can be scaled to greatness.

BetKing provided a platform for contestants to win various exciting gifts as well as betting credit in a roulette fashioned lottery. This was the highpoint of the auditions as contestants expressed optimism and excitement as the wheel spun, numbers dropped and winners emerged.

Check out the highlights from the Lagos auditions


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