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Understanding Decimal Betting Odds on BetKing

Understanding Decimal Betting Odds on BetKing

| by Tomiwa | Posted in How To

Understanding Decimal Odds

Decimal betting odds are widely used online and around the world, because they are easier to understand than traditional fractions and provide more betting options.

Why are BetKing odds in decimals?
1) Easier to understand
If you were asked- 11/2 or 4/7, which is bigger? Even if you are familiar with traditional fractions, it might take you a while to work out which is better. With decimal odds, you would immediately see that 1.70 is bigger than 1.43.

2) Easier to work out a return
Fractional odds represent the profit - 5/1 means you will win five naira for every one naira staked - whereas decimal odds represent the return - 2.2 means you will receive ₦2.20 for every ₦1 staked.
So, think of decimal odds in monetary terms. 6.50 means a ₦6.50 return on a ₦1 bet, 9.10 means ₦9.10 and so on.

When building accumulators, you can simply multiply all the odds by your stake to get your return,

For example

Arsenal to win – 2.13

Barca to win – 1.38

River plate to win from behind – 21.00

Stake – ₦1000

Your total odds would be 2.13 x 1.38 x 21.00 = 61.73

Your potential win would be ₦1000 x 61.73 = ₦61,727.40.


To avoid any misunderstanding, you will always see decimal odds here on

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