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General Sports Betting FAQs - BetKing

General Sports Betting FAQs - BetKing

| by Tomiwa | Posted in Betting Tips
General Sports Betting FAQs - BetKing
Source: bongkarn

If you have questions relating to sports betting, we've got answers. In this tutorial, we've drawn up a long list of questions that we frequently get about betting on sports. Our goal with this post is to help you improve your sports betting knowledge. If it's okay with you, we can dive right in.


Is it possible to make a living off betting on sports?

Yes, you can 'hammer' with sports betting. However, we must be clear that it isn't easy to become profitable while betting on sports.

Even the best punters still lose bets regularly.
What's important is for you to develop your sports betting skills and rollover strategy so that you give yourself the best chance to make money in your sports betting career.


How can I get started betting on sports?

If you're new to sports betting it can be very tough to know precisely how you can get started. Fortunately, we're here to help you. We've written several tutorials just for you that's all about how you can get started with sports betting today. We'll walk you through everything that you need to know and help you get things ramped up quickly. Click the link below to visit our tutorial page.


BetKing Tutorial


What's the best sport to bet on?

There's no single answer here that will apply to every individual reading
this question. Honestly, the best sport to bet on is the sport you're most familiar with, and if you're a football fan, then football is the sport to bet on.


How much money should I stake?

The most asked question by folks new to sports betting is how much money they should stake when placing a sports bet. Trust us; there is no blanket answer to this question. The amount of money that you should stake is subjective and decided by many different factors. Although one thing is sure, you should only bet what you can afford to lose.

The most critical thing that you should do is establish a rollover plan. With this, you'll devise a structured program that will help you determine how much you should bet at any given time. Without this, your village people will likely make you waste all your betting funds.


How do I choose my selections?

Unfortunately, there isn't a simple answer to this question. If it were that easy, sportsbooks would be out of business. One of our best tips for you is to bet on the sports and market that you know about the most.


What types of bets can I place?

There are tons of different types of bets that you can place. It's too many for us to cover them all here. However, we have to name a few; single bets, multiple bets and combination bet

A single bet as the name implies is when you stake on just one event. A multiple bet is when you accumulate multiple events in a series such that when one event is lost, your bet is lost. BetKing offers an accumulator bonus of up to 225% to encourage bettors. Lastly, a combination bet; which is a bet that consist of multiple bets on a series of selections. Typically the same stake is placed for each bet.

How to Play combination bet


How do I pick betting odds?

If you're newer to sports betting, then you're probably very confused about how to understand what the odds of a particular bet mean to you. We've been there before, and we know that it can be quite confusing.

Because of that, we've have used decimal odds alone on BetKing, so it is easier to comprehend. Decimal odds are the probability of winning an event, so the 2.38 or 1.20 you see displayed is the odd and the less the odd, the higher the probability. Usually, the stake multiplied by the odds is the potential win.


Should I ever pay for sports betting tips?

Most folks like the idea of paying for sports betting tips for
one of two reasons. First, they may be looking to get supposed 'inside information' from an expert source that knows more than they do. Secondly, people often turn to tip services to help them since they don't have a ton of time to do sports betting-related research due to a hectic life schedule between work and family.

In most cases, you probably should not pay for tips. The reason for this is
because there are many scammers out there giving out sports betting "tips" in the name of 'fixed odds' without offering any helpful advice. In many cases, some of these services are tips and insight that's publically available for free if you dedicated a little of your time to it. While these services claim that they have experts on staff, that's unfortunately not the case too often.

However, there are some excellent tip services out there; one we can recommend is Betensured. The important thing is don't fall for a scam.

Do I need to be a sports expert to bet on sports?

No. Anyone can bet on sports regardless of their sports knowledge. However, the more understanding that you have relating to the sports you're betting on, the easier it will be for you to discern what bets might be best for you to make at any given point.

Don't let your lack of sports betting knowledge deter you from trying out sports betting.

What are the advantages of betting online?

While there are many advantages of betting online, we have two main ones that we love. Those two reasons are selection and convenience.


Why does BetKing offer such lucrative bonuses and rewards compared to other sportsbooks?

If you're looking for a sports betting website, be sure to consider bonuses as you shop around. In many cases, these bonuses can yield up to millions of naira in bonuses which you would have missed out on if you didn't do your research correctly.

As a business seeking primarily to add value to our customers, we understand that more is indeed more. Also, we can't be the king of sportsbook if other sportsbooks give more than us, hence the reason we ensure that we have the highest odds, accumulator bonus and more.


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