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Business Strategy on How to Grow Sales

Business Strategy on How to Grow Sales

| by Tomiwa | Posted in Kingmakers Corner

Business Strategy on How to Grow Sales

Businesses they say do not grow by themselves, people grow businesses.

The following are known and tested strategies on how to grow sales:

  1. Paint and Brand your shop appropriately
  2. Open your shop timely and regularly
  3. Create a comfortable ambiance in the shop that tends to keep customers longer e.g Neat Environment, a cooling system, free match viewing, etc.
  4. Display and market all BetKing products especially Virtuals.
  5. Build a good rapport with all your customers and make them feel at home (Train your cashiers to be courteous and welcoming)
  6. Pay all winnings on time including jackpots and do not charge any commission
  7. Encourage your regular customers to also open a sub-account under you so that you can start earning commissions off them even when your shop is closed for the day
  8. Run promotions like free bets from time to time and always find the time to distribute flyers to people in your locality
  9. Do your research on why customers prefer your competitor’s and improve on their offerings in your shop
  10. Ensure as a shop owner, you are also available from time to time
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